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MU Launches Program Connecting Students to Major Employer Careers

Academic Achievement | Career Growth | Community Service


We are pleased to announce the official rollout of Martin WORKS and the Martin Career Development Center. As I am sure you have heard, Martin WORKS is a transformative and innovative initiative that will allow Martin students to combine Academics, Careers, and Community Service in pursuit of their degree. The three essential pillars of academic achievement, career growth, and community service will allow students to continue to pursue their degrees while working at an employer in their degree field. Students will build an academic and career transcript that will allow them the opportunity to launch a meaningful career following graduation.

In addition to Martin WORKS and the support included in the Martin WORKS Academy, we are launching the Martin Career Development Center. The Center is a resource for Martin students and alumni to provide career development resources and support to help students grow throughout their academic journey to prepare them for rewarding careers and a lifetime of success.

Our Martin Career Development Center will launch on March 1, 2021, with career employer partners that will be offering apprenticeships and internships as well as full-time employment opportunities to students participating in the Martin WORKS program.

If you are interested in connecting with Martin WORKS or the many services of the Career Development Center, please complete the attached application and forward to:

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