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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)


PLA may help you earn up to 60 college credits as a result of the learning you gained outside the traditional classroom setting. In addition to saving tuition dollars, you can complete your bachelor’s degree in up to half the time.

“PLA has transformed my life and helped me achieve my academic dreams.”   


Bonita M. Vaughn
Former Student & Alumna



PLA awards Martin University credits for courses in which you demonstrate college-level learning. This includes but is not limited to: work history, military, and volunteer service, and other life experiences.

Martin University acknowledges that adult learners bring with them lifelong knowledge that is equivalent to what would be learned in college courses and this knowledge can often be applied to a degree. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), is a way to earn college credit for college-level knowledge you have attained outside the traditional college classroom. Adult learners can use our course catalog and browse our course descriptions to find courses that match the knowledge they already possess.

Eligibility for Enrollment in PLA:

  • Successful completion of ENG 125, CTE 150 and ENG 135 (or equivalents)

    • Portfolio development requires a great deal of writing, making college-level writing skills a necessity.

  • Adult learner must be pursuing an undergraduate degree

  • GPA of 2.0 or above

Follow these steps to get started: 

  • Obtain your degree plan and meet with your Admissions or Academic Advisor.

  • Complete the PLA Pre-Assessment, “Am I a Good Candidate?” form.

Contact the Academic Affairs Office for additional information at (317) 543-4890.

PLA & Portfolio FAQs

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