Academic Advising

What is Academic Advising

Advising is an essential cornerstone to your academic success as a student at Martin University. Your advisor is a key resource that can connect you with resources and serve as a guide throughout your academic program. Things your advisor can help with include: reviewing your graduation plan, explaining University policies & procedures, recommending courses each semester, discussing career goals, connecting you with resources to help you succeed, and much more!

Who is my advisor?

Use the following steps or look on your student portal

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How do I prepare for an appointment?

  • Review your degree audit on your student portal to see what courses you have remaining

  • Familiarize yourself with the course offering for the next semester so you have an idea of what is available

  • Create a list of questions you want to be sure to discuss with your advisor so you can remember to ask them during the appointment

Advising F.A.Q.

Who is my undergraduate advisor?

During your undergraduate program, your advisor is determined by the amount of credits you have earned.

  • 30 credits or less are assigned to Jawann Johnson

  • 31- 89 credits are assigned to Sydney Shackleford

Students with more than 90 credits are assigned to a faculty advisor. Use your major to determine who your faculty advisor is:

Psychology/Addictions Counseling*: J.L. Mize or Dr. Bradford Hathaway

Early Childhood Education/ Teacher Prep*: Dr. Ted Hall or Viveca Carter

Applied Science Software Applications: Dr. Ronnie Hiller

Business Administration: Dawn Moore

Criminal Justice: Michael Mitchell

Liberal Arts: Dr. Martin Greenan

Applied Science Health Administration: Dr. Fayez Komari

* For majors with two faculty advisors listed, advisees are split equally between the advisors. Confirm who your advisor is on your student portal.

Urban Ministry Studies

Sydney Shackelford

Community Psychology

Licensing Track:

Under 30 credits: Sydney Shackelford

30+ credits: Dr. Brian Steuerwald

Non-Licensing Track:

Under 24 credits: Sydney Shackelford

24+ credits: Dr. Brian Steuerwald

Why does my advisor change throughout my time at Martin?

We recognize that the needs of students change throughout their academic career and developed an advising model that reflects those changing needs and allows advisors to focus on specific student populations.

What should I expect from my advisor?

You can expect your advisor to:

Clarify Information & Connect with Resources

- Your advisor is well-versed in the policies and procedures at Martin so they can interpret and explain these to you and how the apply to your situation

- Your advisor can connect you with resources on campus to help you achieve your goals

Create Your Academic Plan

- Your advisor will review your academic progress and major requirements to work with you to create you academic plan to achieve the goal of graduation

See You as an Individual

- Your advisor recognizes that each Martin student is a unique individual and will work to build a relationship with you so that they can best serve you

What expectations does my advisor have for me?

Be Prepared

- Prepare for your advising session and bring questions you have

- Show up for your appointment on time and cancel in advance if you cannot attend

Take Responsibility

- Understand and accept that you are responsible for your education

- Learn and understand Martin's policies, procedures and requirements as outlined in the student catalog

Be Open & Honest

- Share with your advisor so that they are best able to assist you


Faculty Advisors

Undergraduate students with 30 or less credit hours
30 or fewer credit hours
Jawann Johnson

Faculty Advisors

Undergraduate students with 30 or more credit hours
31-89 credit hours
Sydney Shackelford

Faculty Advisors

Undergraduate students with 90+ credit hours
Advisor Name
Advisor Contact
Addictions Counseling
J.L. Mize
Addictions Counseling
Dr. Bradford Hathaway
Applied Science in Health Care Management
Dawn Moore
Applied Science in Software Applications
Dawn Moore
Business Administration
Dawn Moore
Criminal Justice
Michael Mitchell
Early Childhood Education
Viveca Carter
Liberal Arts
Dr. Martin Greenan
MASTER DEGREE: Community Psychology
J.L. Mize
Dr. Bradford Hathaway
Religious Studies
Dr. Michael Nichols
Teacher Preparation: K-6th Grade
Viveca Carter
Teacher Preparation: PreK-3rd Grade
Viveca Carter