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As Indiana's only Predominantly Black Institution of Higher Education, Martin University educates and develops diverse workforce-ready students in an inclusive, supportive and collegiate environment. 


Martin University’s vision is to elevate the landscape while providing transformative opportunities, inclusive support, and service to our communities. 

Core Values

  • Excellence - We strive for and expect the very best in everything we do. 

  • Opportunity - As a student-centered institution, we see opportunity in everything and believe that everyone has the potential to achieve success. 

  • Transformation - We believe in the power of positive change and the benefits of transformative thinking and actions that revolutionize individuals, places, and society. 

  • Innovation - We stimulate and encourage creativity as a means for achieving progress and avoiding complacency. 

  • Collaboration - We are at our best when we work together. Cooperation, trust, and teamwork lead to collective impact. 

  • Servant Leadership - We believe that the best leaders are those who are committed to serving others by uplifting and empowering people and communities. 

5-Year Strategic Plan

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