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Martin University is Indiana's only predominantly black institution (PBI) serving adult learners for nearly half a century. Founded in 1977 by Reverend Father Boniface Hardin and Sister Jane Schilling, its vision was to serve low-income, minority, and adult learners. Martin University was created, amid the inner-city barriers to academic success, to offer ordinary and disenfranchised people opportunities to change their destinies through education. The University is recognized as an institution that offers access and opportunities to persons who have been discounted, discouraged, and disregarded in the educational attainment process. Martin University is a distinctive institution that is future-oriented, interconnected, and learning-centered. The University is a non-denominational, private, liberal arts institution with over 1,500 alumni.

Martin University serves students with experienced faculty and staff committed to helping every student achieve their educational, career, and personal goals. A large majority of our students are African American, female, and over the age of 25. Approximately 90% of the students attending Martin University receive financial aid.


The University plays a unique role in the Indianapolis community, as many graduates have gone on to become distinguished leaders.  Some outstanding graduates include a former Deputy Mayor for the City of Indianapolis, a Senior Public Affairs Executive for a nationally recognized law firm, an Administrator for the Pike Township Fire Department, a former Marion County Sheriff, a Marion County Chaplain, a McDonald's Franchise Owner, a Pastor of a 16,000-member church, clergymen, social workers, daycare workers and owners, police officers, and published authors.

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