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School of Education

Early Childhood Education and Teacher Preparation for PreK-3rd grade Teacher Licensure and Kindergarten-6th grade Teacher Licensure programs

Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education


Martin University's Early Childhood Education program offers undergraduate courses for individuals who are preparing to teach young children. With the mission of the University in mind, the program 

is committed to the development of the competencies in the following educational areas: professional character and content knowledge, child growth and development knowledge, theoretical foundations of education and learning, curriculum development and instruction, family and community cultures, observation and assessment skills, professional and vocational ethics, and the principles on the importance of learning environments.

Martin University Early Childhood Education adheres to the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) standards.  Based on research on the development and education of young children, the standards were created with input from experts and educators from around the country.

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We now offer the TEACH Scholarship through INAEYC

The Standards

Student Populations


The Early Childhood Education program is designed for individuals who are preparing to teach young children in

  • Childcare centers

  • Home care, and

  • Ministry childcare programs 

Career Paths and Opportunities


After completing the degree, students are well-positioned to pursue a variety of career paths:

  • Classroom Teacher

  • Lead Teacher

  • Director of Early Learning Facility

  • Curriculum Specialist for Early Learning

  • Entrepreneurship

Bachelor’s in Teacher Prep Program

Martin University’s Teacher Prep Program (TPP) for the training and licensing of highly qualified urban teachers, is focused on education and service to children in preschool through sixth grade. This teacher preparation program is unique in the traditional teacher preparation landscape.  Grounded in the multitude of research studies that demonstrate the importance of early childhood education in urban neighborhoods that endure ongoing poverty and lack of resources pose. Martin’s program builds on our current Early Childhood Education program and develops teachers who understand both the developmental and educational needs of preschool children, as well as the ongoing needs and expectations of children in elementary grades. The TEACH Scholarship is now being offered through INAEYC for the Teacher Prep: PreK-3rd Grade Program.

Martin University School of Education Contacts

The following standards are central to the Martin University School of Education and are drawn from the INTASC (Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium):
  • Standard #1: Learner Development 

  • Standard #2: Learning Differences

  • Standard #3: Learning Environments 

  • Standard #4: Content Knowledge

  • Standard #5: Application of Content

  • Standard #6: Assessment

  • Standard #7: Planning for Instruction

  • Standard #8: Instructional Strategies

  • Standard #9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice

  • Standard #10: Leadership and Collaboration

Student Populations


The Teacher Prep program is designed for individuals who desire to become teachers in PreK-3rd and/or K-6th who effectively serve urban communities through education that encompasses research and best practice in

  • Child development

  • Early childhood education

  • Elementary education 

  • Culturally responsive teaching methods

Career Paths and Opportunities


After completing the degree, students are well-positioned to pursue a variety of career paths:

  • Classroom Teacher

  • Lead Teacher

  • Instructional Coach

  • Curriculum Specialist for PreK – 6th

  • Entrepreneurship

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