Martin University Alumni Association

Purpose, Vision, and Mission

The Purpose of the Association is to:
  • Support the mission of Martin University.

  • Stimulate and encourage loyalty to the University and the Association.

  • Serve the University and the community through volunteerism and financial support.

  • Keep its alumni informed.

  • Promote active member participation in the Association.

  • Promote strategic engagement opportunities for members to connect with each other and engage with the University.

Vision Statement:
  • The Association aims to foster a lifelong relationship among Martin University alumni, students, and friends.

Mission Statement:
  • The Association is dedicated to serving the University, its alumni, and students by providing opportunities to stay connected and informed, which foster lifelong relationships with the University and with one another.

For additional information regarding the Martin University Alumni Association, contact:

Dorothy Herron

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Alumni Association Meetings

The Martin University Alumni Association regularly meets on the second Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm on the campus of Martin University.  Contact an Alumni Association officer for more information.

Contact the MU Alumni Association at 
or by mail at:

Martin University

Attn: Aumni Association
2186 North Sherman Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46218


Recent MUAA Initiatives:

  • Alumnus Meet & Greet

  • Giving Day

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Eco Program

  • Mental Wellness Panel Discussion, Walk and Expo

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Martin University Alumni Association New President

larger image alumni.jpg

Dorothy Herron was shocked when she went to an alumni event for Martin University in 2016, where an alumnus was receiving an award. There were about a dozen people there. “Where is everybody?” she asked.

Herron learned getting 12 people out to an alumni event was actually considered a success. It was apparent then that the alumni base was disconnected, and that can be especially harmful for an institution like Martin University that caters to underserved communities. Alumni are the ones who made it, and they’re supposed to give back.

“I realized I hadn’t done my part,” she said. “… Martin had been so good to me. It changed my life.”

Three years later, Herron, a 2006 graduate, is about to become president of the alumni association. She and other officers took their pledges Aug. 24 at the school and will start their new roles Sept. 1.

Herron believes at least part of the reason the alumni association hasn’t been very strong in the past is because the institution serves mostly nontraditional students who have jobs and families.

“We got our degree, we just went off into the wild blue yonder,” she said. “… I didn’t understand that once I graduated I needed to make it my business to give back to this university.”