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Alumni Spotlight: Unveiling a Legacy

Updated: Mar 7

Introducing Latonya Collier, a Martin Alum whose research into her family's history unearthed the captivating tale of her great grandfather, Robert Collier. Robert, a trailblazing figure, not only faced the electric chair as the first black man but also played a crucial role in its construction.

Through Latonya's meticulous study, Robert's story emerges as a poignant testament to resilience amidst adversity, highlighting the intricate complexities of history where progress and prejudice collide.

Latonya's journey urges us to confront uncomfortable truths and honor the often-neglected contributions of individuals like her great grandfather. Her authored book, Show No Fear: The 1914 Execution of Robert Collier, delves deeper into his life and is available on Amazon. Additionally, a YouTube mini-documentary titled A Mini Tribute to Black History visually explores Robert Collier's legacy, shedding light on its significance in black history.

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