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Martin University Announces College of Business & Education Deans

Martin University proudly announces the new College of Business and Technology and School of Education Deans. They are:

  • David Brewer, MBA, PhD - College of Business and Technology. previously served as Lead Business Faculty for the University. Brewer holds a bachelor's degree in english and mathematics from Northwestern University, a master's degree in management and doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University.

  • Tony Jean Dickerson, EdD - School of Education. Previously Dr. Dickerson served as the Lead Faculty for the Teachers Prep Program for the University. Dickerson holds a bachelor's degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from Lincoln University, her master's degree in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction from the University of Central Missouri, and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Kanas.

"Both of these university leaders have undeniably become invaluable assets, and their exceptional skills have significantly contributed to Martin," commented Dr. Sean Huddleston, President. "I take great pride in appointing them as deans, fully confident that their remarkable contributions will persist, further advancing the University's mission."

Founded in 1977, Martin University is Indiana’s only Predominantly Black Institution of higher education. It is steeped in a history of service and open to a diverse population of students. Martin University’s mission is to provide excellence in educating and developing traditional and non-traditional students in an inclusive, supportive, and healthy collegiate environment.

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