Undergraduate Programs

Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (B.A.S.) is a bachelor’s degree specifically designed to provide workplace skills.  The B.A.S. program will prepare students to work in management-level positions in science, vocational, and technical environments based on the concentration selected. The B.A.S degree in Software Applications is designed to enhance a student's knowledge, analytical abilities critical thinking skills and provide preparation for upward mobility.

Computer Information Systems Course Requirements

  • BUS 201 Introduction to Business (3 cr hours)

  • BUS 361 Management of Diversity (3 cr hours)

  • BUS 400 Business nSkills3 cr hours)

  • ​CIS 151 Computer Information Systems (3 cr hours)

  • CIS 300 Understanding Digital Transformation (3 cr hours)

  • CIS 350 Digital Platforms (3 cr hours)

  • CIS 495 Practicum/Internship (3 cr hours)

  • CIS 499 Capstone/Final Project (3 cr hours)

  • CTE 200 Advanced Microcomputer Applications (3 cr hours)

  • CTE 210 Introduction to Computer Programming (3 cr hours)

  • CTE 301 Database Development (3 cr hours)

  • CTE 310 Database Development II (3 cr hours)

  • CTE 380 Digital Video and Multimedia (3 cr hours)

  • CTE 400 Web Design (3 cr hours)

  • INT 267 Statistical Methods (3 cr hours)


Students must complete all course requirements as well as the general education core. Any elective hours will also be required to reach the 120-hour minimum graduation requirement. Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for all course descriptions.