Student's Right to Know

The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act requires institutions of higher education that participate in the Federal Title IV program to provide information to current and prospective students on the following topics:
  1. Retention, Graduation, Transfer-Out Rates, and Employment Information can be found Here
  2. Pell Grant Recipient Information can be found Here,
  3. Financial assistance available to students including requirements and restrictions imposed on Title IV aid.
  4. Athletic program participation rates and financial support
  5. Student Diversity can be found Here                       Additional institutional information including:    Admissions Policies                                                  Tuition and Fees                                                        Cost of Attendance                                                Accreditation Status                                                 Academic Information (including academic calendar, programs, grading policies, and faculty names)  
  6. Facilities and services available to disabled students                                                                    Withdrawal and Refund Policies                            Study Abroad Enrollment Policies
  7. Information on financial assistance, including descriptions of application procedures and forms, requirements, and restrictions may be obtained from the Department of Financial Aid (317 917-4822). Financial Aid information is also contained in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.
  8. Campus crime statistics can be found Here.
  9. The University’s Emergency Preparedness Plan is also located Here.
  10. Martin University does not currently participate in any formal athletic programs.
  11. Student diversity information can be found Here.
  12. Martin University tuition and fees can be found in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, Admissions polices and Course Catalog.
  13. The cost of attending Martin University can be estimated using the Martin University Net Price Calculator.
  14. The University’s accreditation status is located on the website.
  15. Descriptions of all undergraduate academic programs and requirements, grading policies, and names of current faculty members are contained in the Course Catalog. Descriptions of graduate programs are contained in the Community Psychology Graduate Program Catalog and Urban Ministry Studies Graduate Program Course Catalog.
  16. Descriptions of facilities and services available to disabled students are contained in the  Course Catalog and Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.
  17. Withdrawal and refund polices are described in the Course Catalog and Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.
  18. Martin University does not currently have a study abroad program.

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