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The Martin Insider: The Importance of Student Success

Each episode contains insightful information to help our students and community grow, build fruitful connections, and succeed beyond walking across the stage.

As a student, nothing compares to feeling seen and having your voice heard. However, the true measure of a student's success is how the institution, in itself, prepares each student for their future endeavors.

Join The Martin Insider with guest speaker Jawann Johnson, Assistant Director of Student Success, as he propounds on the topic of success here at Martin University.

“Most of our students, success for them is identified by going through their daily life struggles, working multiple jobs, taking care of their kids, along with staying committed to completing their educational journey. That's the real success story for most of our students at Martin University,” says Jawann Johnson

Every student's story is different. However, from adversity to success, each student learns from one another.

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