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The Martin Insider Goes International: February Special Edition

Featuring Dr. Monique Ejim & Dr. Eliud Biegon (PhD, SE 2011)

This week's episode of The Martin Insider features guest host Dr. Monique Ejim, Lead Addictions Counseling Faculty at Martin University featuring Dr. Eliud Biegon of Kenya. Dr. Eliud Biegon is a scholar of the Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence Program.

Dr. Biegon is a lecturer in Social & Cultural History for the Department of History, Archaeology, & Political Studies (HAPS) at Kenyatta University.

Listen as Dr. Biegon taks about ethnocentricism, tribalism & sexicism in Kenya and what's being done to reduce. "Education is the most important thing in the community" says Dr. Biegon "education that enlightens, truly informs, & truly gives knowledge to the community without polarizing them."

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