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Martin University Recognizes Women's History Maker, Alumna Melody McGuire

March is the month where women are honored, recognized, and celebrated for their contributions and notable achievements over American history. Here at Martin University, we celebrate and spotlight our very own Alumna this Women’s History Month.

Alumna Melody McGuire is on a mission to bring awareness for the importance of Early Childhood Education. Melody motivates ECE professionals and parents to serve the children they love better with confidence. She has served young children, families and communities as an Early Childhood Educator for over two decades.

She holds a degrees and credentials in Early Childhood Education from Martin University and Atlanta Technical College. In her career, she has ensured to support quality early childhood education programs to the best of her ability in each role acquired and assigned.

Melody McGuire is the Founder of the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™️ and Host of ECE Circle Time. She started this organization after joining the Clubhouse: The Social Audio App to provide a space for early childhood educators to network and grow professionally. During sessions that are held, Melody and attendee’s share their experiences as professionals and have learning opportunities to discuss current trends and concerns in the field of early childhood education and care.

Melody is looking forward to providing inspirational words in a humorous and calm disposition that ignites and unleashes the ECE Super Powers within each participant. After attending her session you will experience why the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ has over 6,300 members and continues to grow daily in the early childhood industry and across social media platforms.

Join us in celebrating this amazing alumna alongside other great women who continue to help break glass ceilings for future Martin Women and beyond.


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