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Martin University Ranked #40 for Most Affordable Addictions Counseling Colleges by University HQ

University Headquarters, a trusted source that prides itself on being the Center for Higher Learning Experts in Education, released its Top 100 Most Affordable Addiction Counseling Colleges of 2021 ranking Martin University as number 40.

Among other lists, Martin ranked number 41 for Best Master's Degree Colleges in Indiana, and number 41 for Best Bachelor's Degree in Indiana. Martin University was rated based on its cost of attendance, admission & retention rates, graduating salary, the number of programs offered both on-campus and/or online, diplomas awarded and number of students receiving financial aid

Martin University offers Addictions Counseling as a Bachelor of Science Undergraduate program. Upon completing the Addictions Counseling program, students will be able to apply knowledge and skills appropriate for employment in entry-level positions in the addictions counseling field.

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