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Martin University is Pleased to Announce Trustee Board Addition, Ramon Morrison

Martin University announced, Ramon Morrison, one of the founding partners of Meticulous Design Architecture, serving as Director of Business Development & Engagement, to join its Board of Trustees. Meticulous, an international design firm with offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and Abu Dhabi, UAE, provides full service architectural, master planning and interior design services to discerning clients ranging from multi‐family, senior housing, mixed‐use commercial, education, healthcare, and recreation/hospitality markets.

Ramon has a wealth of practical corporate and entrepreneurial resource knowledge, as well as a proven record of collaborating with clients to help bring complex development projects from concept to fruition. Ramon is adept in strategic community and stakeholder engagement and consults with a diverse mix of clients and non‐profit organizations on all aspects of development and expansion.

Ramon is a member of the Local Advisory Board’s Strategic Planning Committee for LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation), shaping strategic economic development initiatives for the next 3‐5 years throughout Marion County. Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and is past president and current board member of the Indianapolis Alumni Chapter. His role as chairman of the Indiana Guide Right Foundation fulfills his commitment to at‐risk youth development and inclusive community empowerment through collaborative strategic programs.

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