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Martin University Holds Second Martin Works Draft Day

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Friday, August 26, 2022, Martin Works held its second Draft Day ceremony. Martin Works academy students are “drafted” by employer partnerships for a paid apprenticeship, which prepares each student with real-life and work readiness skills. Recognized and celebrated the students within the Martin Works program as they signed contracts to work with employer partners to conduct their internship, with hopes to become potential hired employees with their selected employer partners. All assignments will begin immediately or following the Labor Day holiday.

“Draft Day was AWESOME!” said the Director of Career Development, Tony Cunningham. The energy in the room was refreshing and energized me, not to mention the simul-cast with The Martin Works Draft Day streaming on the "Let's Talk Live with Martin U” podcast on Facebook and LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. I think this year's event was a preview of things to come. The event took a giant leap from last year with a 57% jump in attendance, over 20 Martin WORKS academy graduates to celebrate, and a 64% jump in employer community support of the program. The future looks bright because of Martin Works, said Cunningham.

The Draft Day ceremony included 20 students who graduated from the academy, 12 who participated in Draft Day, and 8 who were placed with corporate partners.

This event was both a celebration and networking opportunity with Martin University's most recent academy graduates, as well as Martin University’s most recent University Alumni. A formal signing and acceptance ceremony took place with each employer partner and Martin Works Apprentice pairing.

The Martin Works program plans to expand its program to every student at Martin University with the intent to have apprenticeships with current and future corporate partners of Martin University.

Community Connection took the time to interview Martin University Director Of Career Development, Tony Cunningham, in regards to the second annual Draft Day.

Martin University hosted the second annual Draft Day with Martin Works academy students, where students were “drafted” by employer partnerships for a paid apprenticeship, which prepares each student with real-life skills and work readiness.

To listen to the Community Connection Interview with Tony Cunningham click here. To watch a recap of Draft day on Let's Talk Live with Martin U click here

For more information on the Martin Works program, please visit


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