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“Higher Education: HBCUs, PBIs AND Y-O-U By President Sean L. Huddleston”

Martin University President Sean L. Huddleston

As an avid reader of the Indianapolis Recorder, I read with great interest the news of  Congressman André Carson’s legislative accomplishments in advancing the causes of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). I am thankful for and loudly applaud his leadership, advocacy and activism in helping to call attention to this underserved but significant sector of higher education. Congressman Carson accurately portrays HBCUs as critical contributors to innovative advancements in STEM fields and other important industries and that these institutions develop talented individuals who will comprise a diverse and high-performing workforce. I have no doubt that his commitment and efforts will positively impact the future of HBCUs. I know of few other elected officials fighting so hard for minority-serving institutions. Read More

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