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Equipping and Educating Voters for Election 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Politically Speaking:  Equipping and Educating Voters for Election 2020


With the 2020 election just two weeks away, this panel is designed not only to educate the electorate about the historical challenges that African Americans have faced when attempting to vote; it will also explore the crucial importance of actually exercising one’s right to vote. There has long been an undercurrent of disaffection and dissatisfaction among blacks regarding either the choice of candidates or deflation following undesirable outcomes. This panel will serve to dispel the notion that “things never change” even when we vote.

The panelists will discuss how voting has always made a difference in African Americans’ lives, even when such has not seemed to be the case. They will also discuss the practical ways in which they are facilitating this most foundational of democratic rights.

As discussed during a previous panel, the COVID-19 pandemic has made everything more difficult, including registering to vote, but it will go further in emphasizing the perils of failing to vote. For example, panelists will discuss how foregoing one’s right to vote is, in effect, casting a vote for the candidate that one dislikes. 

The town hall is 6 p.m. Tuesday, October 27 at live and sponsored by AARP, InnoPower Indy, Martin University and the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper.

"Throughout our 125-year history, it has been the Recorder's mission to be the eyes, ears, and mouth for African Americans in Indianapolis. During this unprecedented time, we are committed to making sure our residents are armed with the most reliable, up-to-date information on voting," stated Recorder President and CEO Robert Shegog.

Larry Smith, Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper columnist, will serve as co-moderator for this powerful and experienced collection of community leaders. Smith’s columns frequently cover the intersection of race and politics.

Kelly Doucet, 2019-20 Fellow, The Exchange at the Indianapolis Urban League, also will serve as co-moderator.

Panelists are: 

  • Tracy Boyd, Community Advocate and Volunteer

  • Devon Davis, Public Policy Specialist, Bose Public Affairs Group  

  • Dr. Sean Huddleston, President and CEO, Martin University

  • Clyde Posley Jr., Ph.D. Senior Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church

  • Rosalynn Shropshire-West, Author and Community Servant

To ensure as many people as possible can access the webcast, it is available on Facebook and Zoom. To watch on Facebook, click here. To RSVP on Zoom, click here.

The public is encouraged to submit questions for the panel in advance by sending them via email to Larry Smith or posting questions in advance on the Recorder's Facebook page.

The virtual town hall meeting is a "must-view" for all residents of Central Indiana to ensure that everyone gets the right message from the voting experts.

For additional information, contact: Larry Smith, Columnist Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper

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