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Dr. Sean Huddleston to Deliver Keynote at 31st Annual Parent's Appreciation Banquet

The Nur-Allah Islamic Center will host its 31st annual Parents Appreciation Banquet on Sunday, November 12th, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Martin University, celebrating and appreciating parents' unwavering dedication to their families.

Dr. Sean Huddleston, President of Martin University, will be the keynote speaker at the banquet, bringing his unique perspective and insights on the significance of family and community bonds. Dr. Huddleston's presence promises to make this gathering even more special. In addition, famed author Dr. Khalilah Ali Camacho, former wife of world-famous boxer Muhammed Ali, will be a featured speaker.

Proceeds from the banquet will support the Clara Mohammed Weekend school and other activities at the mosque. Tickets for the banquet are available for purchase and start at $15 by visiting

The Nur-ALlah Islamic Center will also host a free panel discussion centered on “Islam’s Contribution to the African American Freedom Struggle” on Saturday, Nov. 11, at 12 p.m., at the Center for Black Literature and Culture (CBLC) in the Central Library, followed by a book signing by Dr. Camacho.

For more information, call 317-753-3754 or visit


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