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Dr. Sean Huddleston selected as panelist to discuss COVID-19 Diversity Questions

When schools were forced to go virtual as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many administrators were faced with the challenge of quickly implementing a full-service online environment. Diverse Issues in Education began covering issues of bias during the early stages of the shutdown. This podcast addresses the following main points:

  • What is the impact on instructional design, equity, and assessment?

  • What should diversity professionals do to seize the moment?

  • What does the new normal look like?

  • How to account for and serve our underprivileged students.

  • How to deal with virtual biases in an online campus.

  • How to plan for and handling new student intakes.

Along with Dr. Sean Huddleston, president of Martin University, other panelists include Leanne Wieland, Instructional Designer at Forsyth Technical Community College and Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr., Co-founder of CoopLew.

Learn what leaders in diversity are doing to equip students to achieve in online learning environments by tuning in to the podcast at this link:

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