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About The Program

The O.A.K.S. Youth College and Career Institute is a summer enrichment program held for four weeks on the campus of Martin University. The summer program focuses primarily on academic enrichment using interactive and experiential learning techniques that allow students to explore Science, English, and Math at a pace compatible with their abilities


Martin University professors, graduate students, representatives from Omega Psi Phi, Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, and Phi Beta Sigma fraternities incorporated, and O.A.K.S. staff team teach the students during different workshops throughout the summer.

Participants would include:

  • Omega Psi Phi / LampLighters

  • Alpha Phi Alpha / Esquires 

  • Kappa Alpha Psi / Kappa League 

  • Phi Beta Sigma / Sigma Beta Club

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O.A.K.S. Institute Benefits 


  • Annual grant provided for each participating youth organization for every year of participation for ongoing activities that align with and reinforce O.A.K.S Institute training.

  • Dual enrollment offered for high school participants with emphasis on Math and English 

  • Connections with NCREI's Black Male Initiative 

  • Includes Martin WORKS Academy and paid summer apprenticeships. Partial compensation will be restricted for program completion scholarships for each student. 

  • Provides a 2-gen approach so that interested parents and caregivers of first-generation O.A.K.S. Institute students can enroll at Martin University and won't be first-generation by the time they are ready to start their college journeys.

  • Speaker series featuring prominent Black men from our region (i.e. senior leaders, professional athletes, authors, artists, etc.). 

  • Infuses community service and Black istory education in programming. 

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The N.E.X.T Program runs from November to April of the school year and provides monthly programming throughout the academic year for students to stay engaged, informed, and connected to further increase the possibility of students enrolling in college.


The goal of the N.E.X.T program is to increase the presence of underrepresented minority males participating in college-led programs that exposes them to career opportunities throughout the academic year


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Building Opportunities that Last Decades

This program is specially designed for the parents and guardians of the student participants.


This component will be a comprehensive program that provides educational opportunities to adults interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree or who may be thinking about additional training/certifications.


The curriculum is designed to provide flexible academic schedules and a variety of academic and social support services specifically tailored to working adults and parents.

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Upcoming Events

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O.A.K.S. Institute Staff 

Michael Durrett | Program Director; Consultant



Dr. Terrance Bridges | Academic Coordinator



Joshua Ford | Program Coordinator


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