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When to Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness - 4 Key Dates

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Come next month, millions of Americans will be able to begin applying for student loan forgiveness. Experts say borrowers should fill out their applications sooner than later. We at Martin University, have four key dates that should be on your radar, including three before the end of this year.

Early October

Coming in early October applications will be made available for borrowers. Borrowers can also ensure they stay in the loop by registering for updates from the Department website.

November 15

Federal student loan borrowers should aim to apply for forgiveness no later than November 15th. The Education Department is saying it will take up to around six weeks for borrowers to get cancellation after they apply, and you want your balanced reduced or eliminated by the time the pandemic-era payment pause on federal student loans expires on Dec. 31.

December 31

To ensure a smooth transition to repayment and prevent unnecessary defaults, the Biden-Harris Administration will extend the pause a final time through December 31, 2022, with payments resuming in January 2023. This extended pause will occur automatically.

We will be sharing more information as it becomes available. To stay up to date as information becomes available sign up at the Department of Education subscription page.

December 31, 2023

The Education Department has set a preliminary deadline of 31 December 2023 for any borrowers looking to claim the support to have filed their application. This could change in the coming months, depending on how efficiently the applications can be processed, but for now the end of 2023 is the cut-off point for recipients.

For more information on President Biden's 3-part plan please visit

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