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Student Success to Implement Academic Boot Camp

Beginning Spring Session B, Student Success will implement a mandatory 3 day

boot camp that will prepare incoming freshmen & ATB students for their first semester at Martin University through a number of outlined goals by incorporating required orientation, pre-tests, & college readiness academic modules through PLATO coinciding with their academic needs. The first goal of the program is to create a positive first-year experience by introducing the new habits of student success through the connection to academic resources. The second goal is to increase student retention. Thirdly there will be a decline in SAP (student academic progress) students-- students with a GPA lower than 1.5--through the access of PLATO & heightened resources over the course of their first year. The final goal is to increase student preparation for Martin foundational courses, CTE 150-Intro to Microcomputers, ENG 125-Composition I, & ENG 135-Composition II. Students will be required to have a laptop to participate and will be provided with binders housing all learned content.

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