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Martin University president resigns from Newfields board

By CHLOE McGOWAN December 7, 2023

In a statement released to The Recorder, Dr. Sean Huddleston announced his resignation from the board of trustees at Newfields.

“I joined the board of Newfields in 2021 because, in many ways, I saw it as an extension of what we do at Martin University every day,” Huddleston said in the statement. “I saw an opportunity to help people see themselves in a space that they didn’t know was for them, accepting of them, and supportive of their interests. For Martin, that’s people who have not felt embraced by higher education. For Newfields, it was the museum and gardens.”

Huddleston’s resignation from Newfields’ board of trustees comes shortly after the institution announced its CEO, Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, would be ending her tenure on Nov. 10 after only 15 months. Since then, the board of trustees' resignations have included Adrienne Sims, Otto Frenzel IV, and Gary Hirschberg.

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