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Martin University Launches New Podcast Series

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

The Martin Insider podcast is set to tell the Martin story

Martin University in Indianapolis, Indiana has launched a new weekly podcast, “The Martin Insider,” hosted by various staff and students on campus. These series of episodes focus on university highlights, upcoming university events, academic activities, and communiversity efforts.

Martin University's first podcast features the president of Martin University, Dr. Sean L. Huddleston. He shares with Dr. Terrance Bridges the in's and out's of succeeding as a student of Martin as well as a student of life.

According to Dr. Huddleston, "Failures are as important as one's successes because we learn from our failures. And I would say that students, first and foremost, should allow room for both. Allow room for the understanding that there are things that they might not do as well as others at different times. But I would caution to call them failures. I would call them learning opportunities. I would call them opportunities for growth."

"The Martin Insider" will also feature a special Fulbright Scholar edition during Black History Month in February. Stay tuned for each episode releasing weekly.

For more information or to be a guest on "The Martin Insider" podcast connect with our producer, John E. Girton, Jr. at

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