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Join Us For Our Upcoming  Virtual Session

Martin University is pleased to announce it has received a $25,000 grant from  Healthcare Initiatives Inc., an Indianapolis-based private granting foundation that exists to support the advancement of human health and well-being.

Through the grant, Martin will host a series of monthly virtual events to bring awareness to important and prevalent community issues. Topics will include Infant Mortality, Parent Preparedness, Lack Of Quality Care, and CPR.

The first virtual session will take place on Wednesday, February 24 and then will be held the fourth Wednesday or Thursday of every month thereafter.

For more information, please visit for each month’s topic, how to register, and to confirm the date. Or, you may call 317-917-3316 for further details.

Healthcare Initiative awards grants and donations to qualified nonprofit organizations -- such as Martin University -- that develop, advance and encourage initiatives focused on disseminating information promoting a healthy lifestyle, providing medical service programs, and implementing educational opportunities to improve human health.

“Martin University is appreciative to Healthcare Initiatives for this generous grant which allows

us to virtually teach attendees about various important topics,” said Dr. Sean Huddleston,

President of Martin University.  “Both Healthcare Initiatives and Martin strive to improve the

lives of those we serve through education and all aspects of good health and wellness.”

Martin University's mission is to provide excellence in educating and developing traditional and

non-traditional students in an inclusive, supportive, and healthy collegiate environment.

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