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Faith Moves Us Forward - Resources

Martin University's marketing and communications department gives you multiple tools to make your communication of our university goals, vision, and mission easier. These social media, print, and video tools help assist our university stakeholders and advocates. These downloadable tools allow you to create posts and share basic information about becoming connected to the university.

For Martin Sunday's we are asking our Faith Moves Us Forward partners to commit to the following:

  • Pledge a minimum gift of $250 toward the BEARS Scholarship fund (offering is optional)

  • Collect at least 15 Pledge Cards from anyone interested in learning more about Martin

  • Display our Martin Sunday slide presentation on your screens, monitors, and websites

  • Share our Martin Sunday graphics to all of your social media accounts

  • Print and post Martin Sunday promotional resources (bulletin inserts, posters, flyers, and videos) from this webpage

  • Allow a Martin Sunday representative, alumni, or advocate to speak during your services

  • A vendor table is also available if Martin is allowed on-site (optional)

Martin Sunday Offer:

Anyone who signs up for classes on Martin Sunday is eligible for our BEARS Scholarship, which includes FREE books and fees for one year and a Martin University swag bag!


Anyone interested in participating in Faith Moves Us Forward: Martin Sunday Initiative should contact Mr. Ezell F. Marrs III, (317) 917-3388 or via email to

Faith Based Download Social & Print Resources