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Martin University Hosts Exceptional Needs Caregiver Forum

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The liberal art program lead faculty, Dr. Terrance Bridges, hosted his first Navigating the Education Process for Children with Exceptional Needs-Caregiver Forum at Martin University on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. The event included testimonials, training, teaching legal rights, parental advocacy, and a panel discussion.

Navigating the Education Process for Children with Exceptional Needs-Caregiver Forum assisted parents in identifying community partners that help with exceptional needs children. Parents felt supported by school administrators and university community partners in meeting the needs of their children. The community partners were exposed to new opportunities for support and engagement from the university in enhancing family support and furthering the civic engagement aspect of Martin University’s mission.

Martin University is partnered with local entities, including the Black Autism Group, Impact Behavior Solutions, and local school system administrators, to provide a foundational conversation around helping children with exceptional needs. An alarming number of African American students (male in particular) are diagnosed with special needs; however, there is little support for parents and families in navigating the system to get the appropriate services. This forum provided beginning information and conversation to help them leverage resources to meet the needs of their children/students.

Speakers for this forum included Dr. Bridges, Rev. Kimacka Randle (Black Autism Group), and Dr. Tolliver (Impact Life Decisions, Inc.) Dr. Dickerson, Professor Carter, IPS, Township, and Charter School Personnel representatives.

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