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Department of Marketing

and Communications

Marketing and Communications

The Martin University marketing and communications team provides strategic marketing and communications expertise to positively impact our university, our community, and stakeholders. Our team offers expertise in creative services (writing, copy editing, print design, video production and photography) and promotes Martin University's brand and emerging visual identity.


Ultimately our staff will consist of project managers, editors/writers, graphic designers, photographers and production experts who will help ensure that Martin's marketing messages and materials are engaging, visually stimulating, and impactful.

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Our Production Process

NOTE: The marketing team is currently working both on-site and remotely. We are meeting with clients and one another using Microsoft Teams. Some vendors remain open. Please submit a project request to start a new project.

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SUBMIT FORM: Department and division must complete an online Project Request Form and include the required fields. Information submitted will start the conversation about your project or campaign.

FOLLOW UP: Based on the information provided in your project request, our marketing manager may contact you to discuss further details for clarity.


SCHEDULE: Marketing and Communications will then create a pre-production, production and post-production schedule for your project or campaign. (NOTE: Missing information or lack of clarity can delay completion and facilitation of projects or campaigns.)

CONTENT: Marketing may need to receive additional content and assets to complete your project or campaign. We could request logos, images, text, descriptions, messaging, database files, budget, goals, etc.

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PRODUCTION: Our marketing and communications team along with outside vendors will begin production on your project or campaign.


REVIEW: Each project and campaign element must be reviewed and approved by the requesting individual before it is prepared for final promotion, printing, or production.


FINISHING: Marketing and communications reviews and makes all final edits, receives final approval and distributes.

Estimated Timelines

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Our Martin University Marketing and Communications team values quality and timeliness. It's our goal to ensure we deliver high quality marketing and communications products and resources on time, within budget and that get results. All projects require a 2-week turnaround time frame from the date of submission.


Our timelines are based on standard design, print, video and web production times when complete content (text, video and images) is provided at the beginning of a project or campaign. Additional time may be required for writing or rewriting text, copy editing, video editing or finding stock images. Our marketing manager will provide a timeline based on your needs when the project begins. Due to our workload, most projects cannot be rushed.

Keona Williams

Marketing & Communications Specialist, Event Coordinator

Brand Guide

At Martin University, we take pride in upholding our brand guidelines to maintain a consistent and professional image. Our brand guidelines serve as a foundation for all communications, ensuring clarity, unity, and a strong brand identity. As a member of the Martin University community, we kindly request your adherence to the following policies:

Logo Usage: Only utilize official Martin University logos (NCREi, Braided "M" Wreath, P.A.C.E, SOE, etc.) and approved variations. Do not alter, distort, or modify the logo in any way. Always use high-quality versions of the logo and follow the specified guidelines for size and placement.


Color Palette: Use the approved Martin University color palette for all materials and digital content. This includes printed materials, websites, social media, and presentations. Consistency in color usage helps reinforce our brand identity.


Typography: Utilize the designated fonts specified in the brand guidelines for all communications. Consistent typography enhances readability and reinforces the Martin University brand.

Tone and Voice: Maintain a professional and respectful tone in all written and verbal communications. Align your messaging with the university's mission, vision, and core values to ensure consistency and positive representation.

Imagery and Photography: Use authentic and diverse imagery that reflects the Martin University community. Obtain proper permissions and licenses for all images used in marketing materials, ensuring compliance with copyright laws.


Social Media Guidelines: Follow the university's social media guidelines when representing Martin University online. Engage in respectful and constructive dialogue, adhere to privacy and confidentiality standards, and promote the university's mission and values.

By adhering to these brand guidelines, we collectively contribute to building a strong and cohesive brand identity for Martin University. Thank you for your commitment to maintaining our brand standards and representing the university with excellence.

Marketing & Communications Tutorials