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Division of
Institutional Advancement


Mission Driven: Enrollment and Student Services


Future Focused: Operational Efficiency and Growth


Brand, Reputation and Identity


Mission Driven: The History, The Mission, The Vision

Enrollment and Student Services
The road to a college degree is paved with countless detours for Martin University students. It is not uncommon for the Martin student to work full time while going to school and raising a family. Part of the decision to attend college involves answering the question, "How am I going to pay for this?" If the student is not familiar with how to apply for financial aid, then this can be a daunting question. This impedes their decision to enroll and impacts their decision to remain in school.
However, the history and tradition of Martin University are to create student “safety nets” in the form of scholarships and student services. By offering scholarships, we reduce the students’ financial needs and empower them with motivation and incentive to be academically successful—a double retention dividend!
Gifts to Martin University will fund need-based and merit-based scholarships. Remember – your gift will yield a double retention dividend.
Operational Efficiency and Growth
Advancements in Information and Communication Technology support a long-term mission to stay in step with constantly emerging new trends in technology.
  • Standard platforms to host services with server and file store consolidation where practical.
  • A security framework to preserve the integrity of the University’s information assets and systems.
  • A secure and consistent desktop environment as the norm for standard information and technology activities.
  • A set of standard applications for University-wide functions that are site licensed wherever feasible.
Gifts to Martin University support advancements to maintain a technology infrastructure for student-centric learning and operational efficiency.
Brand, Reputation, and Identity
Martin University faculty and staff invest their time and talent in the University and Martin students every day. Their financial generosity further expresses belief in the University’s mission and the campus priorities that mean the most to them.
Faculty and staff participation play an important role in ensuring the University’s success as well as influencing gifts from corporations and foundations, which consider our internal giving rates when determining their own support for Martin University.
Martin University’s generosity helps to provide scholarships, educational materials, technology, faculty support, student programs, and many other important projects on campus, all of which benefit each student every day. Each opportunity to give, the greater the collective impact will be.
A list of Faculty and Staff opportunities for generosity is listed by hovering here!
Our History, Our Mission, Our Vision
The ALL IN FOR MARTIN (AIM) pays tribute to the University’s founders, Father Boniface Hardin, OSB and Sister Jane Edward Schilling, CSJ. Both founders gave to Martin ALL they had. They were All in For Martin.
The boldness that an African American Benedictine monk and a Caucasian nun exuded in 1977 to create Martin University was also undergirded with faith and prayers. Our founders did not have any financial resources. There was no foundation, no patron, and no endowment.   And yet, as other institutions have disappeared, Martin still stands strong today as a result of the support from you who believe in Martin University as the cornerstone of diversity and education in the State of Indiana.
Your gift, pledge, or bequeath to the All in for Martin Campaign as an unrestricted gift, is a powerful form of support. You trust Martin University to use your gift where current needs are greatest. All gifts and grants received are presented in the Martin University Annual Report.
Unrestricted gifts are used to handle costs that other funding may not cover including:
Student support
Attracting highly qualified faculty.
Maintenance, equipment, and repair
Books, software, and supplies.
Dr. Sean L. Huddleston invites the community and corporate partners to join Martin’s founders in extending their dream and legacy of making higher education accessible to all those who could benefit. Both Father Hardin and Sister Schilling will look down from Heaven and smile.
All In
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