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Undergraduate Programs

Healthcare Management

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree (BAS) is a bachelor’s degree specifically designed to provide workplace skills. The BAS degree offers two concentrations, Healthcare Management and Software Applications. The BAS program will prepare students to work in management-level positions in science, and vocational and technical environments based on the students’ choice of concentration.


The program is designed to enhance student’s knowledge, analytical abilities, and critical thinking skills and prepare them for upward mobility in their field of study. The BAS will also provide a seamless transition for students seeking to move from research-focused programs in science, and skill-based programs, to a management-level program in these areas.

Healthcare Management Course Requirements

  • HCM 150 Healthcare and Medical Terminology (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 201 Introduction to Healthcare Systems (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 203 Risk Management in Healthcare Settings (3 cr hours)

  • ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics (pre-req) (3 cr hours)

  • ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 270 Management of Healthcare Organizations (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 280 Healthcare Law and Ethics (pre-req) (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 301 Healthcare Marketing/Marketing Management (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 307 Healthcare & Managerial Finance (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 321 Healthcare Administration (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 361 Managing Diversity in Healthcare (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 420 Quality Performance and Improvement Management (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 430 Healthcare Policy and Strategy (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 431 Auditing for Healthcare Organizations (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 461 Organizational and Human Behavior (3 cr hours)

  • HCM 495 Practicum (1040 Hours)

Students must complete all course requirements as well as the general education core. Any elective hours will also be required to reach the 120-hour minimum graduation requirement. Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for all course descriptions.

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