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Bachelor of Science
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program combines the study of criminal law, and law enforcement, in a practical yet creative manner.  This course of study will prepare students for a variety of careers in or related to the justice system. Students who choose this degree path will find that there are a variety of career choices. Careers in public safety include front-line positions such as state and local law enforcement officers, parole and probation officers, border guards and corrections officers. Additionally, students can pursue careers in federal law enforcement including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Criminal Justice Course Requirements


  • CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 150 Criminology (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 200 Criminal Law (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 250 Introduction to Law Enforcement (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 275 Crime and Public Policy (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 320 Criminal Investigations (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 340 Court Procedure & Testimony (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 350 Corrections (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 360 Juvenile Delinquency (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 370 Probation and Parole (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 381 Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Issues (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 400 White Collar Crime (3 cr hours)

  • CRJ 499 Capstone/ Final Project (3 cr hours)

  • ENG 235 Research and Writing (3 cr hours)

Students must complete all course requirements as well as the general education core. Any elective hours will also be required to reach the 120-hour minimum graduation requirement. Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for all course descriptions.
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