Undergraduate Programs

Teachers Education Program

Martin University’s Teacher Education Program for the training and licensing of highly qualified urban teachers, focuses on education and service to children in preschool through sixth grade. Martin’s program is unique in the traditional teacher preparation landscape emphasizing both knowledge and service to develop teachers who effectively serve urban communities. Candidates who successfully complete coursework and all required clinical and field-based experiences, will graduate qualified to apply for two teaching licenses, Pre K– 3rd and K-6th.

At Martin University, future teachers proceed through rigorous and relevant course work and are measured or assessed through three important benchmarks designed to ensure their ability to meet national, state and university standards. Benchmarks are evaluated after freshman year (34 credits), before senior year and prior to graduation. Students who enroll in the Education Degree Program will take core courses during their freshman year, leading to the completion of the first benchmark, needed for beginning education courses.

Potential Careers

  • Public or Private School Teaching (Gr. K - 6)

  • Preschool Teaching

  • Nanny

  • Daycare Administration

  • After-school/Camp Program Instructor

  • Curriculum Developer

  • Education Consultant

Benchmark I Includes:

  • A School of Education application (including a reflective narrative)

  • Proof of basic skills competency through minimum approved scores on CASA, SAT, ACT or GRE assessments (see Catalog) or a Master’s degree from an accredited institution

  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher

  • Completion of 34 credit hours of college level coursework from Martin University or an accredited institution (official transcripts required)

  • CPR & Heimlich Certification

  • Criminal background check and screenings

Benchmark II must be passed prior to student teaching (senior year):

  • Micro teaching Demonstration

  • Portfolio Presentation

  • Philosophy of Education

Benchmark III must be completed prior to graduation:

  • Capstone Project

  • Final Review

Sample education coursework within the School of Education includes:

  • EDU 302 Literature in Language and Culture

  • CTE 295 Technology in Education

  • EDU 309 Student Engagement/Classroom Management

  • EDU 106 Introduction to Urban Education

  • EDU 360 Curriculum Development

  • EDU 352 Diagnostic and Corrective Reading

Pre-service teachers in the Martin University School of Education will have classroom field experiences beginning in sophomore year (after completion of Benchmark I).  Students will benefit from three separate student teaching experiences during their senior year (after completion of Benchmark II).