August 25, 2020 

This document applies to all Martin University employees and is intended for use by all departments.

Martin University is taking action in light of COVID-19 to provide a safe working and learning environment for our students, employees, and visitors.

This document provides guidance specific to Martin University that will allow departments to manage operations more safely and effectively throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective is not to eliminate all potential risks, but to provide a systematic and feasible path for operation within the pandemic environment.

Martin University will continue to adjust the policy and guidance based upon the latest public health information and regulatory guidance.
University & Community Responsibility
Before returning to work or class, employees and students must acknowledge by signing the COVID-19 Declaration form:
  • The severe nature of COVID-19
  • The importance of each individual’s knowledge of the risks presented by the virus
  • The need to monitor their health
  • The need to notify appropriate personnel if they are symptomatic and/or exposed and be tested if necessary.
  • If tested positive for the COVID-19, please notify the University of your health status by using this confidential email address
This fall, flu season is expected to cause further complications for the pandemic as both health issues will be active simultaneously. Although this not a requirement, Martin University along with guidance from the Department of Health is strongly advising flu shots.


COVID-19 Facilities Restart Guidelines
  •  To Control access points to the University, everyone is required to enter the building through the main doors located on Station Street. All employees must have their badge to open the main door. The entrance to the Sister Jane Schilling Peace Garden will remain closed.
  • Masks are required by anyone entering the building; if you do not have one upon entrance, one can be provided for you along with gloves and hand sanitizer.
  • We are asking that all employees be proactive and take necessary precautions to self-evaluate themselves before coming to campus, such as temperature checks.
  • All staff, faculty, students, and visitors will have their temperatures checked upon entrance to the University. Individuals with a temperature higher than 100 degrees will not be allowed on campus.
  • Also, there is a COVID-19 Declaration Form that must be completed before admittance.
  • Once on campus, all employees must wear their mask at all times in the common areas or meeting spaces.
  • HVAC Measures to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 at Martin University will be implemented prior to the start of the Fall 2020 session:
    • Ensure exhaust systems are working properly
    • Increase minimum fresh air from outdoors by using the Building Management System
    • Ensure filters are changed out on a regular maintenance schedule
  • Breakroom use- cleaning supplies will be stationed in the student & employee breakrooms and signage requiring all occupants to sanitize after use.
  • All bathrooms will be cleaned three times a day (before the arrival of employees, mid-day, and evening). There will be a sign-off cleaning sheet for the facilities staff. For social distancing, every other stall should be out of service (labeled as DO NOT USE).
  • Directional signage in hallways are required to assist with traffic control
Martin University Tenants
  • Tenants are to follow the Martin University Return to Campus Plan unless they have a more stringent written process. If tenants have a separate plan, please submit it to Martin University Business office for review and approval.
Isolation and Quarantine Procedures
Martin University community members who have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 should self-quarantine according to the COVID-19 Guidance and CDC.
Symptomatic individuals who have had a positive test result may return to work when the following have occurred:
  • A minimum of 72 hours has passed with no fever above 100.40F (without the use of medication that reduces fevers);
  • Other symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath have improved; and
  • At least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared; and/or
  • Have been cleared by a physician from the self-isolation protocol.
If the individual received a positive test but is asymptomatic, they should self-isolate for ten days from the time of the test. The individual’s close contacts (within two days before the test) should also be advised to self-quarantine.
Event Guidance
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Martin University will prohibit events and conferences through December 31, 2020. Virtual-only events using Martin’s name as a sponsor, host, or partner will need approval by the Events Coordinator.
Guiding Principles for Fall 2020 Gatherings
  • Outdoor gatherings should be minimized whenever possible, and consideration for a virtual event as the first option is highly encouraged.
  • Outdoor events will have mandated attendance caps. The calculation for square feet per person public health guidance will be provided. State and local capacity guidance will be considered maximums; however, based on public health considerations, university capacities may be more restrictive.
Staff/Faculty Guidance
  • Employees 65 or older, have underlying health conditions and are high risk for COVID-19 may remain working virtually. See guidance from your Department Leadership regarding your work location.
  • Leaders for each division will determine staffing needs for each department. They may implement, at their discretion, virtual and in-person work schedules for employees that best accommodate the operational needs of the University.
  • Faculty will remain virtual until the 1st week of classes, and they will arrive at least one hour before the start of their course.
  • The IT department will continue to operate as a call center. Contact IT at for all your IT questions or requests.
  • We are encouraging all staff/faculty to continue virtual meetings until face-to-face meetings resume.
  • Regular business hours are 9 to 6 pm, even while working remotely. Sick and vacation requests must be completed and approved by your supervisor per the employee handbook.
Facilitation of Classes
  • Fall classes that are held face-to-face are capped at ten students per class, as required by the State of Indiana. If that changes or if the maximum capacity is increased, Martin University will adjust accordingly to governmental guidelines.
  • Students will have assigned seating by their instructor for classes meeting face-to-face. This seating chart cannot be changed during the course of the semester.
  • Faculty will submit the seating chart to the Risk Management committee, (Business Office).
  • All Fall 2020 classes will be either hybrid classes (both online and face to face) or a HyFlex model.
  • Communication will be sent to all students regarding the fall reopening plan for the departments via email and be posted on our Martin University website.
  • Upon entrance, students and visitors must wear protective masks and complete the COVID-19 Declaration Form along with temperature checks.
  • Returning students who would like to meet with faculty or departmental staff member may do so by appointment only. This includes the offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Bursar, and Registrar. Faculty, staff, and students are highly encouraged to schedule virtual meetings using Google Hang Outs. · Student Success Center will be open during regular business hours with a limited number of available computers for student use.
  • For purposes of social distancing, the Gathertorium will be set up with computers for students to complete their Admissions, FAFSA, and Student Registration.
Childcare Drop-In-Center
  • Martin University Drop-In Center is under renovation to expand our childcare capacity. The center will be closed until further notice. The CDC and Family and Social Services Administration will guide the reopening of the Drop-In center after the renovation.
  • Mitigation Plan upon reopening:
  • The Drop-In Center will follow mitigation strategies with guidance from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) guidance and CDC recommendations which includes some of the following:
  • Maintain physical distance and not allow more than ten children within one classroom or area.
  • Recommend children over the age of two to wear face coverings.
  • Implement daily health and temperature screenings.
  • Allow one hour a day for cleaning and disinfecting without children
Even under normal business conditions, common touchpoints should be cleaned on a recurring schedule based upon the frequency of use, occupancy, and overall risk. Cleaning and sanitation or disinfection procedures will be increased in frequency and be consistent with the level of risk mitigation deemed feasible and appropriate by facilities and environmental, health, and safety professionals.
Additional Hygiene Considerations
Employees should proactively disinfect personal workstations in addition to shared areas or items (e.g., conference rooms, equipment, workstations) before and after use
Receiving Packages and Mail
According to the CDC, handling mail and/or packages is unlikely the primary means of spreading/contracting COVID-19. However, it is important to follow good hygiene practices when handling mail.
When receiving a package or mail:
  • Limit in-person contact when accepting a delivery or stay at least 6 feet away from the delivery person. · Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after touching the package.
  • Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol when soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, or mouth.
Martin University’s number one priority is the safety and well-being of our faculty, staff, and students. We are doing everything to ensure a safe environment during these uncertain times. We will continuously update this policy per State, Local, and Government guidance.

Stay Safe!