Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)


PLA may help you earn up to 60 college credits as a result of learning you gained outside the traditional classroom setting. 

PLA saves your tuition dollars by awarding credits for courses in which you demonstrate college level learning; this includes but is not limited to: work history, military and volunteer service and other life experiences.

PLA makes it possible for you to earn your Bachelor Degree in half the time.

PLA participants fulfill a residency requirement of 34 credit hours with the University to earn the degree.


Eligibility for Enrollment in PLA:

  • Completion of Prior Learning Pre-Assessment – “Am I a Good Candidate?”
  • Completion of ENG 101 and ENG 110 or equivalents
  • Completion of CTE 150 or equivalent
  • GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree
  • Matriculation to MU with all official transcripts on file
  • 5+ years of “college-comparable” prior learning in a volunteer or professional context
  • Application for PLA, authorized by Mentor/Advisor and PLA Director

Follow these Steps to Get Started: 

  • Obtain your degree plan and meet with your Mentor to compare your required courses with your prior learning to find courses in which you may have obtained college learning.
  • Take PLA Pre-Assessment, “Am I a Good Candidate?” for each course being attempted for credit and review with Mentor. 
  • Obtain application signed by your Mentor regarding courses being challenged for PLA credit and take to PLA Director for signature.  
  • Enroll in PLA 130.

Contact the Academic Affairs Office for additional information at 317.543.4890.