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Martin University to Award 75 New Students with $1,000.00 in Scholarships

Martin University will hold a "Getting to Know the New Martin U Communiversity" Open House on Friday, March 3, from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. at 2186 N. Sherman Drive. The open house will showcase the state's only Predominantly Black Institution (PBI) and explain to potential students the many programs and resources available at Martin so they graduate with a guided path forward and are positioned for higher-paying jobs.

As part of the open house, Eli Lilly & Company has partnered with Martin University to award $75,000 in scholarships to new students - $1,000 each to the first 75 students who register on-site.

"We are truly a new "Martin U" as well as a "communiversity," said Martin University Sean Huddleston. "' New' in the sense that we now have more opportunities for paid internships and more funds available for our diverse and underserved population so that our students' lives and livelihood are transformed. And, we are a university that can't be separated from the community we serve, hence a 'communiversity.'"

The open house will include a wide range of booths and opportunities for potential student interaction with current and former students, potential employers, and Martin faculty and administrators. These include:

  • Corporate Partner Booths: Local businesses and corporations will showcase their products and services, allowing prospective students to network and learn about local job opportunities.

  • Community Barrier Buster Vendors: Partners can help students provide resources and support for overcoming common barriers to higher education, such as housing, transportation, and childcare.

  • Student Organization Showcase: Student organizations will showcase their activities and events so prospective students can learn about the different organizations and clubs available at Martin University.

  • Student Testimonials: Current students will share their experiences and perspectives on Martin University to give prospective students a glimpse into what life is like as a student at the university.

  • Partner Interviews: On-stage interviews will be held with university partners such as alumni, local businesses, and community leaders. This will provide a platform for these partners to share their experiences and perspectives on the university and the surrounding community.

  • On-site Admissions: Admissions staff will be available to answer questions and guide prospective students. This will help streamline enrollment and provide prospective students a more personalized experience.

  • On-site Financial Aid: Financial aid information and support will be provided to help prospective students understand their options and make informed decisions about paying for college.

  • Academic Affairs Presentations: Academic Affairs staff will showcase the university's new fully online courses and degrees, providing prospective students with valuable information about the university's educational offerings and resources.

  • Student Success Presentations: Wrap-around services, student support, and program offerings will all be discussed to ensure that students' questions can be answered and they will be successful.

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