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Martin University on a mission: Get people registered to vote

A predominantly Black institution in Indiana is helping people register to vote before next week’s deadline. Part of Martin University’s mission is to uplift and empower the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood in Indianapolis.

Martin University isn’t just helping students register for classes next semester, but, “along with that, if they need to register to vote we are doing voter registration today also,” said Angela Adams, the director of student success.

“Some people just don’t really think about it: how their one vote can really play a part,” she said. “So we want to be sure that as an educational institution that we also make sure that not only are we educating people academically in their degree fields, but we are also helping them be civic minded.”

“It’s important because we all need to be heard,” says Alexis Hardin, a student at the university.

Students are recognizing now more than ever the duty they feel to participate.

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