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From the HR Desk: Open Enrollment is Upon Us

You have the option to purchase AFLAC’s voluntary supplemental coverage.


Open enrollment is upon us! As a Martin employee, you have the option to purchase AFLAC’s voluntary supplemental coverage. AFLAC supplemental coverage is designed to pay the policyholder directly regardless of any other insurance in force. Coverage can be used to help offset the non-medical expenses associated with accidents and illnesses, such as co-payments, deductibles, loss of income, travel to specialty treatment facilities, and other family disruption costs. Brochures were emailed out on Tuesday, Nov. 17th, and as a reminder, all elections must be sent directly to our AFLAC representative, John Montgomery, via email or by phone at (317) 847-4097. There will also be a company offered benefits open enrollment meeting on December 2nd at 1 pm via Zoom. The calendar invite has been sent to all employees.

As a reminder, the University provides tuition remission to eligible full-time & part-time employees and their dependent children/relatives for any undergraduate program. Additional information is found in the employee handbook located in the HR shared drive.

The next round of semi-annual evaluations will begin in January 2021 and will need to be completed through Performance Pro by January 30th.

As we go through seasonal changes, to maintain the business office’s efficiency and processing of payroll, all employees must complete a sick leave form upon immediate return to work or in advance of a pre-scheduled doctor appointment. If the absence consists of 3 consecutive days or more, you must submit a doctor’s statement to return to work. Vacation time must be approved no later than two weeks before the planned time and must be signed by your immediate supervisor.

Click here to access the HR shared drive that has been updated with essential documents. For any questions, feel free to contact Gina Cowherd by email at or by phone at 317-543-3672.

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