Greetings Faculty, Staff, Students, and Stakeholders!

The Board of Trustees and others have asked me to share my Vision for Martin University.  After four years of working to save the school and improve its operations, finances, image, programs, personnel and increase its donors base, I am ready to share my short term (1 to 5 years) and long term (6 to 10 years) vision and plan for Martin University.  This vision will include strategies, benchmark and accountability assessments.
The Vision is made up of six primary initiatives.  These initiatives are: (A) Student Enrollment, (B) Capital Campaign, (C) Facilities and Campus Development, (D) Student Academic Programs, (E) Student Activities and Enrichment Programs, and (F) Technology Enhancement and Greater use in Teaching and Learning.  These six areas will determine the University’s future.

We will utilize a formative process to ascertain feedback and input from trustees, faculty, students, staff, alumni, patrons, partners and friends.  On Monday, March 5th, the first draft document of the President’s Vision will be posted on the University's website under the “Outreach” section.  This a formative process, therefore nothing is final and everything is subject to change.  Please read the vision and then use the “Response Document” to share your views.  We want to know your answers to the questions listed and then we want "real world" thoughts about the possibilities for Martin over the next 2 to 10 years.  Remember funding is limited, so we don’t need any “pie-in-the-sky” kind of suggestions, but we need your “real world: thoughts and ideas for the most productive 2 to 10-year future of the University.

Please join us in this forward thinking, formative, inclusive process for the greater future of our University.

Dr. Eugene G. White, President
Martin University


Proposed President's Vision
Proposed Vision Response Form

Please email completed form to or submit form at the Reception Desk in the main lobby of the Main Academic Building. Forms may be mailed to the Office of the President, Martin University, 2186 North Sherman Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46218.

All submissions must be received on or before Friday, April 13, 2018.