Active-Duty Military & Veterans Admissions


Serving active-duty, returning, and disabled members of America's military has been a priority at Martin University.  Martin welcomes those service men and women who can enroll through the Yellow Ribbon Program, Montgomery GI Bill Chapters 33, 30, 1606, 1607, 35, and Chapter 31.  Martin is a designated Military Friendly School, and is recognized as delivering a superior experience for military students.

The Process:

Step 1:  Apply for your Veterans Educational Benefits.

  • Apply for your Veterans Education Benefits as soon as possible.  Once you have completed your application, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility.  You will also need to request a copy of your DD-214 form from  the National Archives.
  • Submit your Certificate of Eligibility and a copy of your DD-214 form to the Office of Financial Aid.

Step 2:  Determine your student classification.

  • Each student classification has a unique admissions process.
    • Freshman / New Undergraduate Student (You are under 24 years of age and have completed high school.)
    • Transfer Student (You are under 24 years of age and have completed some college courses.)
    • Graduate Student (You have completed an undergraduate degree program.)
    • International Student (You have been educated outside of the U.S.)
    • Re-Entering Student (You are a former Martin student who has not been enrolled for five or more consecutive semesters.)

Step 3:  Apply for admission to Martin.

  • Set-up a Veteran's Admission appointment.  Indicate that you are eligible to receive Veteran's benefits.  Applicants will complete the admissions process in one day.  Contact Enrollment Services at 317.543.3235 to schedule an appointment.

Step 4:  Submt your transcripts.

  • Submit your official transcripts for each college or university you have attended.  If you have never enrolled in college or you have completed fewer than 12 course credit hours, you msut submit an official high school transcript of GED score report.
  • Military transcripts may be submitted in addition to official college, high school or GED score reports.  SMART transcripts or Joint Service transcripts are not reviewed for admissions requirements, but may be considered for potential course credit.

Step 5:  Enroll.

  • Once you have been accepted to Martin University, enroll in classes.

Step 6:  Connect with a Veteran Liaison at Martin.

  • The Veteran Certifying Official will help you to connect with your benefits, available resources, and support services, including:
    • Educational and disability benefits
    • Academic support
    • Counseling services
    • Community events
The Martin University Enrollment Services Department  will assist you in completing the admissions process.  Contact by phone at 317.543.3235  to schedule your appointment.


Prospective Students

New Undergraduate Students
New Graduate Students
Re-Entering Students
Military/Veteran Students

Financial Aid

Martin is committed to helping you find ways to pay for your college education through the Veterans' Educational Benefits Program, or through federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs.

The amount of veterans benefits you will receive will vary based on a variety of factors, including chapter eligibility, type of active-duty service, enrollment status, and other previously used benefits.  Veteran students who qualify for 100% of Post-9/11 education benefits and who are no longer on active duty, may be eligible to receive full tuition benefits. 

For assistance in determing your eligbility or additional information, contact Martin University's , David Lloyd at 317.543.323 upon receiving your Certificate of Eligiblity.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I talk to an admissions counselor?
Call 317.543.3235 or e-mail


  • Can I use my parent's or spouse's benefits at Martin?
This will depend on the entitlement/benefit.  Contact the Certifying Official for assistance.


  • Does Martin accept military transfer credit?
Yes, but only for classes that are offered at Martin.


  • How and where should I acquire military transcripts and supporting documents?
Contact Joint Service Transcripts.


  • How do I secure a copy of discharge papers?