Graduate Programs

M.S. Community Psychology

The Community Psychology Graduate Program's mission is to provide a contemporary curriculum in a healthy and collegiate environment to students seeking advanced education in the mental health counseling profession. The curriculum is based on Indiana state guidelines and provides students with the academic component necessary for state licensure as a mental health counselor (i.e., LMHC). Students completing all program requirements will be conferred the degree of Masters of Science (MS).

The graduate program in Community Psychology is academically structured to develop professional level mental health counseling skills. Graduates will be able to perform in a variety of community settings where mental health counseling skills are used (e.g., addiction facilities, public and private mental health counseling centers, correctional facilities, inpatient psychiatric units). The program's course content and experiential components incorporate a multi-cultural orientation to psychology. Upon degree completion, the graduate will be prepared to enter the professional work force or continue graduate education toward a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.). This is not a general Masters of Psychology Program.  It is specifically tailored for those who want to enter the mental health professions.

Individuals with a M.S. Community Psychology degree will be qualified to seek employment in Addiction Facilities, Public and Private Mental Health Counseling Centers, Correctional Facilities, Inpatient Psychiatric Units and more.

Community Psychology Graduate Catalog 2018 - 2020

M.A. Urban Ministry

The Urban Ministry Studies program is based on Martin University’s practitioner-scholar model and immerses students in an interdisciplinary curriculum. The program presents the practical and theoretical foundation of the field of Urban Ministry and provides students with competencies in professional communications, program development and management, policy development and oversight, community organization, racial reconciliation, and social justice and advocacy.

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