The role of Martin University's Compliance Department is to provide regulatory compliance to support the mission of Martin University and to enhance the educational environment and service to its faculty, staff and students.



Martin University encourages everyone to be proactive in preventing noncompliant activities by reporting/disclosing acts that you reasonably believe may violate the law or University's policies to an appropriate University official.

To report a concern or to request assistance in identifying a concern, contact the Director of Compliance.  

If you do not feel comfortable reporting a concern or issue of wrongful conduct, you may submit a report anonymously.



Retaliation against any employee or student who has submitted a complaint or concern in good is faith is strictly prohibited.  Those who submit good faith reports or inquires are entitled to be treated in accordance with whitsleblower protections outlined in the Indiana State Statutes.

To report a concern:
Ezell F. Marrs, III, MM, SPHR
Director of Compliance
O:  317.917.3388
To report a concern
anonymously call, 
Compliance Hotline
O: 317.917.3394