Campus News from MU


E-news for Martin University faculty and staff | November 2020


Campus News Submission Guidelines

How do I submit faculty and staff news and announcements?

Simply click the submission link below and provide all the information required in the submission form.

When is the Campus Faculty and Staff Newsletter published?

Great question! The Campus News from MU is published on the first work day of each month. So, there are 12 editions per year.

What is the deadline for submissions?

All submissions should be turned in by the 23rd of each preceeding month. No submissions will be accepted within the final seven days before publishing.

Who is the target audience of the Campus News from MU?

The Campus News from MU is targeted toward current faculty and staff. This digital publication is not intended for current students, alumni nor the community. Other digital products will be made available to those audiences. If you have news stories or announcements for those groups, you can identify targeted audiences in your submission form.

How long should articles or announcements be?

Articles should be approximately 100-300 words.

What should submissions include?

1. When submitting your document, article or announcement you are required to include your first and last name. Your name (but not your e-mail) will appear in the newsletter (unless you ask to be anonymous). We will work with you via e-mail to edit and proof your submission prior to publication. 2. Articles should be uploaded as attachments, in either Word (.doc or .docx), plaintext (.txt, use Unicode encoding), or richtext (.rtf) format. PDF files are acceptable as well. 3. Related pictures are highly encouraged to be submitted along with your article. We will choose for you if you do not provide an image. Images must fall into one of these categories: [1] your own work—i.e. you took the photograph; [2] freely licensed; [3] public domain; [4] fair use. (E-mail with questions.) 4. Include a short (1 sentence) caption of each image you upload in your description.