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E-news for Martin University faculty and staff | November 2020

Submission Guidlines

Campus News Submission Guidelines

  • What is Prior Learning Assessment?
    Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), which includes Portfolio Assessment, is a way to earn college credit for college-level knowledge you have attained outside the traditional college classroom. Martin University acknowledges that adult learners bring with them lifelong knowledge that is equivalent to what would be learned in college courses and this knowledge can often be applied to a degree. Adult learners can use our course catalog and browse our course descriptions to find courses that match knowledge they already possess.
  • What’s a PLA portfolio?
    The PLA portfolio process involves creating a written presentation that is assembled and submitted to earn credit for knowledge you have that is equivalent to what would be taught in a specific course. The portfolio addresses a course description and learning outcomes through a written narrative and a collection of evidence that supports your knowledge and background.
  • How many credits can I earn through portfolio assessment?
    An adult learner can earn up to sixty (60) credit hours through Prior Learning Assessment, if they do not have any previous college credit. If an adult learner has previously earned college credit they will need to work with their advisor to learn more about their unique Martin University Degree plan.
  • How do I create my portfolio?
    Martin University offers a course that provides structure and guidance for adult learners interested in earning credit for prior learning. PLA-130, the Prior Learning Assessment course, should be discussed with your Mentor/Advisor to clarify the process and complete the pre-assessment(s) which will provide a greater understanding of options for earning college credit for prior learning. PLA-130 provides a guide for understanding experiential learning and the portfolio development process. During the PLA 130 course you will develop and submit your portfolio for assessment for each course being challenged for credit. The assessment (portfolio) will be evaluated by both the PLA Director and content area specialists for consideration of credit.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    Successful completion of ENG 125, CTE 150 and ENG 135 (or equivalent) is required prior to enrolling in PLA 130. Portfolio development requires a great deal of writing, so college-level writing skills are a necessity. Other prerequisites include a GPA of 2.0 or above and the adult learner must be pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • In what subject areas can I do portfolio assessment?
    Adult learners may earn credit from a wide variety of academic courses offered at Martin University. Academic advisors and student Mentors are available to help adult learners assess their knowledge and skills to determine which courses they may earn credit for through knowledge they have already acquired. A pre-assessment is required for each course under consideration (to help with this determination) and the Mentor/Advisor will assist adult learners with this task prior to enrollment in PLA 130.
  • Are there subject areas where portfolio assessment cannot or should not be attempted?
    Most course requirements can be satisfied via portfolio. However, there may be a few courses that do not offer students the opportunity to earn credit. Further, English composition courses are not eligible for the PLA portfolio process. The Prior Learning Assessment/Portfolio Department can provide additional information about this.
  • How long does the process take?
    PLA-130 is offered in the fall and spring semester. It is a hybrid course in which adult learners will have to complete their portfolio within the course time frame.
  • What are my chances of earning credit?
    If you make a reasonable and accurate selection as to the course description you want to challenge for credit, AND you have the appropriate background and knowledge as well as the skills to articulate that background and knowledge, you should be able to earn credit. The overwhelming majority of our Portfolio students are successful in their attempts to earn college credits. While no two PLA candidates are exactly alike, those who succeed usually have the following elements in common: Possess a realistic view of their knowledge Follow the instructions carefully Challenge a course (or courses) that is appropriate to their knowledge and skills Submit a well-organized portfolio that pays attention to details Seek help from the PLA-130 course instructor and Mentor/Advisor, when needed.
  • How much does PLA cost? Is PLA covered by Financial Aid?
    The per-credit tuition for PLA-130 is the same as for other University courses. Federal Financial Aid can be used for all University courses which include PLA 130.
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