Undergraduate Programs

Addictions Counseling

Upon completing the Addictions Counseling program, students will be able to apply knowledge and skills appropriate for employment in entry-level positions in the addictions counseling field.

Students will be able to apply knowledge of human behavior, emotions, and mental processes as it relates to addiction and addictive behavior. Graduates of the Addictions Counseling  program will possess the ability to apply knowledge of social, psychological, and physiological processes as well as theoretical models associated with addiction.

Potential Careers

  • Assessment Counselor

  • Intake Specialist

  • Activities Counselor

  • Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Division Director

  • Behavioral Health

  • Family Services

  • Social Work

  • Assistant Case Manager

Course Rotation


  • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

  • PSY 310 Addiction Counseling

  • PSY 350 Abnormal Psychology

  • PSY 360 Origins and Theories of Personality

  • PSY 495 Practicum

  • CAP 499 Capstone/Final Project


  • PSY 212 Lifespan Development

  • PSY 220 Intro to Addictions

  • PSY 300 Research Methods

  • PSY 312 Crisis Intervention

  • PSY 364 Social Psychology

  • PSY 383 Counseling the Dysfunctional Family

  • PSY 395 Physiology of Addictions

  • PSY 490 Pre-Practicum


  • PSY 267 Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • PSY 280 African American Psychology

  • PSY 301 Group Dynamics


Courses for the Bachelor of Science in Addictions Studies are offered during the semesters displayed above.  Students must be available to take each course in its designated rotation to successfully complete this program. Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course narratives.


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