Student Government Officers



Dwight McGill, SGA President

Dwight A. McGill is a junior majoring in Psychology at Martin University. He was elected to serve as SGA President for the 2015-2016 academic year.  His vision is articulated in the following statement:

“ It is an honor to serve as the President of the Student Government Association (SGA). My vision for SGA is simple; I would like to bring our student body together, to become one again. With the help of the individuals I have asked to help the board, we will bring student life back to the Martin University campus. SGA is here to be the voice of the student body; therefore we ask that all of the students participate in some way this academic year. We would like for every student to play a part in the new SGA and the new Martin University.”

Jahlisa Ruggs
SGA Vice President      

I am junior, majoring in Social Science at Martin University.  I will serve as Vice President of SGA during the 2016-2017 academic year.  I am a passionate and my desire is to work alongside members of SGA to help enrich student life and culture on campus. I will bring a positive outlook and academic motivation to help Martin University and the student body succeed.

After graduation, my plans are to work in the human services field, while building a career in community sustainability. I plan to further my education at Martin University and I look forward to entering into the Urban Leadership Doctoral Program in the future.


Valerie K. Redmon-Rhea

​SGA Secretary


I am a senior at Martin University acquiring a Business Administration Degree. I am also a professionally trained Certified Home Health Assistant with experience ensuring high standards of culturally-competent care for a wide variety of patients with diverse needs. I am an effective Certified Medical Assistant who adapts easily to changing environments and demands and an efficient Certified Home Medical Assistant skilled in tackling administrative and patient-oriented tasks in home care environments.


I obtained my high school diploma from West Side Senior High school in Gary, Indiana and my Associates Degree from Harrison College East, Indianapolis, Indiana.  After receiving my degree from Martin University in May 2017, I plan to attend college to receive a degree in nursing and open a medical transportation and home health company.


I served as the President of the Medical Assisting Association at Harrison College East and I am currently the Secretary of the Student Government Association of Martin University. My academic honors include being recognized on the Presidents List at Martin University. I am proud to a member of the Martin University family and I hope my knowledge and skills make a positive impression not only for SGA, but the school as well.


Valerie is currently concentrating on completing her education, taking care of her elderly mother, husband and sons.


Erica Louise Tate

I want to use my Social Science degree to research the string theory, law of relativity, ethics and transparency in the national guidelines for public service, and the hidden information included the meta gene.

I want to provide scientist facts on the importance of leadership and how a leader’s behaviors impact their subordinates.

My vision is that Martin University’s biology program expands. I want Martin University to conduct award winning scientific studies and research.

Favorite Authors:   E.A Budge, Albert Pike, Zachariah Sitchins, David R. Hawkins

Favorite People:   Oprah, Obama, Bobby Hemmitt, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing,

Favorite Books:  Power vs. Force, Earth Chronicles, Morals and Dogmas

Favorite Subjects:  Metaphysics, History, Science and Mathematics

I enjoy candle, soap and jewelry making.



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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is a forum for students to bring ideas to the administration.

  • SGA provides a place for networking with students who have similar interests.
  • SGA provides a place to learn how to communicate with people from other cultures.
  • SGA provides exposure to professional career opportunities.
  • SGA affords interaction with different people to improve communication skills.
  • SGA offers a chance to use leadership abilities and knowledge.
  • SGA allows students the opportunity to build lasting friendships.

Participation in SGA is strictly on a volunteer basis, and serves as the only recognized representative body for the entire student community.  The objective of the SGA is to act as a liaison between the student body and the University's administration, the overall University community, and other individuals within the University administration.  The organization's goal is to engage in projects that are dedicated to the advancement of the overall quality of the total learning experience at Martin University.

(pictured l to r Dwight McGill, Valerie Redmon-Rhea, Jahlisa Ruggs, Erica Tate, Wayne Wellington)