Course Rotation

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 212 Lifespan Development
PSY 230 History and Systems of Pyschology
PSY 350 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 300 Research Methods
PSY 267 Statistics for the Behavior and Social Sciences
PSY 360 Origins and Theories of Personality
PSY 364 Social Psychology
PSY 280 African-American Psychology
PSY 370 Learning and Motivation
PSY 390 Physiology of Psychology
PSY 365 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 495 Practicum
PSY 494 Independent Research in Psychology
CAP 499 Capstone/Final Project

Courses for the Bachelor of Science in Psychology are offered during the semesters displayed above.  Students must be available to take each course in its designated rotation to successfully complete this program.  Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course narratives.


Career Opportunities


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Career Counselors
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Probation and Parole Officer
  • Market Researcher
  • Child Care Workers
  • Social Service Specialists
  • Case Management
  • Psychology Laboratory Assistant

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