Buying a home? Or, need to repair the home you already own?

Let the local nonprofit resource for homebuyers and homeowners help

Whether you’re a first time buyer or have some experience, chances are if you’re in the market to purchase a home, you have questions—like what can I afford, will I qualify for a mortgage, what are the steps and who are the players in the process? INHP’s comprehensive home-buying services will give you the answers you need, provide you mortgage guidance, access to affordable loan options and if you need it, we can help you prepare your finances and credit too.

For existing homeowners, at INHP we know that furnaces, roofs, and water heaters usually work like they’re supposed to—until the cold weather hits or when you don’t have extra funds to fix things. So if you’re wondering how to afford a home repair, INHP also has resources and affordable loan options to help you maintain your home.

Whether you want to purchase a home someday or you already own a home—partner with INHP, the nonprofit homeownership resource.

Homebuyer services include:

  • Home mortgage loans: Compare your options from 17 lenders and receive unbiased guidance to help you choose the mortgage that’s best for your situation.
  • Homeownership planning: Get a plan that prepares you for homeownership whether you're ready to qualify for a loan today or require one-on-one advising and support to help you improve credit, budget or even save for a down payment.
  • Financial and mortgage education: Gain the knowledge you need to understand the homebuying process, create a budget, learn about credit and more.

Homeowner services include:

  • Home improvement or repair loans: Maintain your home through affordable financing options that help you make essential repairs and energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Accessibility modification loans: Retrofit your home to meet handicap accessibility needs.
  • Refinance: Get an affordable rate and a lower payment on your home mortgage.

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Do you—or someone you know—need to make home accessibility modifications or emergency repair, but lack the funds to get the job done?

INHP can help you make up to $15,000 in necessary repairs so you won’t need to use your credit card or tap into your savings.

INHP offers a home repair loan program that allows homeowners on a tight budget to affordably finance accessibility modifications and/or essential repairs such as roofs, furnaces, plumbing, electrical systems, wheelchair ramps, doorway widening and more.

Program Details:

  • Deferred loan with 0% interest/.25% APR**
  • No monthly payments required for up to 30 years
  • No out-of-pocket expense

INHP also provides project support throughout the construction process ensuring that all work is completed by licensed, bonded and insured contractors and that the work passes inspection. All the payment transactions are handled through INHP too.

To find out if you qualify for INHP’s Repair Loan, contact Becca Murphy, Mortgage Loan Originator (NMLS# 396481/Indiana DFI License #16258) by emailing or calling 317.610.4672. You can also contact Terri Madden, Director of Business Development & Client Services at or by calling 317.610.4641.