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YES! You Can Vote

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Yes! You Can Vote

Posted by Carol Branson

There are many misconceptions surrounding whether or not people who have been previously incarcerated can vote in the state of Indiana, leading to confusion and misinformation regarding the right to vote. Indiana is one of only 15 states, including the District of Columbia, where felons lose their voting rights only while incarcerated, and receive automatic restoration upon release.

People who have been Previously Incarcerated

Voting rights are restored upon release from jail or prison. People who have been previously incarcerated should check their registration, and re-register to vote if it has been canceled. (For registration info see reverse.) Individuals on parole, probation, home detention, or people who are in jail, awaiting trial can vote. People who are in a community corrections program can vote.


Every election is important!

We hope every Hoosier owns their power and exercises their right to vote. To vote in Indiana, an individual must be a citizen of the U.S. who will be least 18 years of age at the time of the next general, municipal or special election. The voter must have resided in their precinct for 30 days prior to the next general, municipal or special election.

Hoosiers can register to vote or check voter status at


Indiana requires photo ID from voters.

Accepted government photo identification is as follows:

  • State of Indiana identification with the voter’s name, photograph, and an expiration date that is current or expired after the most recent    general election

  •  U.S. government identification that meets the above criteria

  •  Student ID from a public institution in Indiana that meets the above criteria

  •  Military ID (need not include an expiration date)

Voters may also apply for a free photo ID at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.


Unable to vote on election day, November 6, 2018?

You must apply for your absentee ballot before October 29, 2018. After you have applied and mailed in the form, you will receive a ballot in the mail that you can fill out and return. It must be received by November 6, 2018 to be counted.


You may also participate in early voting, beginning October 10, 2018. Learn more about absentee voting at


Ind. Code Ann. § 3-7-13-6:

      (a) This section applies to a person who is:

          (1) otherwise qualified to register under this article; and

          (2) not imprisoned or subject to lawful detention.


      (b) A person described in subsection (a) who is:

          (1) on probation;

          (2) on parole;

          (3) subject to home detention under IC 35-38-2.5; or

          (4) placed in a community corrections program under IC 35-38-2.6;




Ind. Code Ann. § 35-38-2.6-2:

Sec. 2. As used in this chapter, “community corrections program” means a program consisting of residential and work release, electronic monitoring, day treatment, or day reporting that is:

(1) operated under a community corrections plan of a county and funded at least in part by the state

(2) subsidy provided under IC 11-12-2; or operated by or under contract with a court or county.