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Martin University Reveals New Strategic Plan

                                                                                                                                       MARTIN UNIVERSITY REVEALS NEW STRATEGIC PLAN

INDIANAPOLIS – Martin University’s Board of Trustees and administration announced today that they have developed and approved a new strategic plan that will guide the school’s operations through the 2018 academic year.
President Eugene G. White said the school also has adopted a new vision statement:  “To be a Haven of Hope, a Community of Support, and a Premier Leader among Institutions of Higher Education.”
Dr. White said the new strategic plan includes five major goals:


  1. Build solid financial stability for the University;
  2. Enhance academic programs and services to students;
  3. Enhance, expand and improve Martin University’s campus and infrastructure;
  4. Improve the quality of operations and working conditions for faculty, staff and administrative personnel;  and
  5. Enhance the University’s engagement and services to the community.
“This plan provides a road map for us to take the institution to a higher level of financial stability, program effectiveness, operational efficiency, and to enhance an environment and culture for greater educational achievement and growth,” said Dr. White.


“The plan is a continuation of the legacy and hopes of our founders, Father Boniface Hardin and Sister Jane Schilling,” added Board Chairman Gregory Gill.


The strategic plan includes numerous quantifiable objectives, including raising the school’s total full time equivalent enrollment by five percent a year from a base of 306 FTE students in 2016; increasing the retention and graduation rates of Martin students; creation of an office of University Development and Advancement; developing a doctoral program in urban leadership; and starting the School of Education in the fall semester of 2017. 


Additional goals include increasing faculty, administrative and staff salaries by six percent over the next three years and contributing leadership to the development of a Martindale-Brightwood Educational Zone. 
To review the plan in its entirety, go to
Martin University is a private, not-for-profit, liberal arts institution founded in 1977 by Rev. Father Boniface Hardin and Sister Jane Schilling.  Martin is Indiana’s only Predominately Black Institution (PBI) of higher education.  It is steeped in a history of service and open to a diverse population of students from all walks of life.  Martin University’s mission is to provide excellence in educating and developing traditional and non-traditional students in an inclusive, supportive and healthy collegiate environment.